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Go Portraits are professional child care photography specialists, we manage more than 400 child care shoots each year,


Local Child Care Photographers,

Go Portraits is a leading child care photography and primary school photography group, all of our local photographers are owner operators that care about each and every child's portraits

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Top three questions for a photographer when looking for child care photography,

1. Is Child Care Photography their main business and will you get the service you want?

If your photographer is a child care photographer and does childcare photography as their main business then you are more likely to get what you are looking for. Some people may consider childcare photography as just taking  photos at a childcare centre or school but there is much more to the process. The production that goes on after photo day is just as important.  More often than not, if things do go wrong, it is after the day the photos have been taken. Having the backing of a national company like Go Portraits is one way of knowing that your photographer can deliver the photos in a timely manner. Go Portraits has efficient systems that can deliver your photos in record speed.

2. Are the packages good value?

Like all products sometimes things can seem like good value until you get to the end of the process. For example if a photographer has a price of $9 for a photo it seems to be good value. Added to that, you then have to take into consideration the cost of the group photo. Most parents also want more than one individual photo of their child to give to relatives. What did seem like good value at the beginning can add up to be quite expensive by the end. Go Portraits has a range of packages that give brilliant value for parents. For example, for $34 you receive: 3 postcard size individual photos, 4 wallets, a 20x25cm (A4) individual photo and a 25x20cm group photo, which is good value, although we can include a massive 25x33cm individual photo, 2 bookmarks and a black and white postcard photo all still for only $34. For value Go Portraits would have to be the best in the country. In fact if you have a better package or style you would prefer for your child care photos call us on 1300 78 11 57 and see what we can do for you.

3. Are the finished photos going to be quality products?

These days there are a wide range of ways to produce photos, from inkjet to toner and the traditional RA4 photos that have been around since the 1970's. The way to make sure that your child care photos are of lasting quality is to have them produced on RA4 photographic paper. Go Portraits uses the latest state of the art processes to produce all your child care photos. It is on RA4 photographic paper just like you would receive from your professional photographic labs in past years. We do this with a life time warranty on all prints.